An Introduction to Me

I started my witchcraft journey as a kid. I can’t quite remember how old I was to be honest. It must have been circa 1996, because that’s the publishing date for a book my best friend, Brittney, and I bought in a small occult store in Melbourne titled “How To Turn Your Ex Boyfriend Into A Toad”. So as of today, it’s been over 25 years. There was no mystical calling, no natural intuition. We did it because Brittney’s older sister was going through a rebellious phase and we tagged along.

The start of my journey was somewhat superficial, but over time it deepened. I would get my hands on every book I could. My teen years were dedicated to my craft and my horses. I distinctly remember when I was about 14 spending a lot of time learning how to Astral Project, which was wild.

In my late teens I picked up tarot, I still practice tarot and enjoy drawing cards. I’ve always been spiritually connected or gifted, however you like to phrase that. I know right? Everyone says that! “I can talk to spirits”, well no? Sort of? I’ve had a few really interesting experiences, one reasonably recently where a spirit connected with me while I was doing a reading for a friend. It was a really odd experience. This doesn’t really effect my daily life, but its something I may try to work on in the future.

Being a classic Taurus, I love the earth and gardening, that said I can be really lazy about it. I try to channel my energy into my garden, especially since buying my own property. I’m also hoping I can cultivate a dedicated garden/space for outdoor work. I think that will be really cool.

While I used to be firmly Wiccan, I have moved away from that and more into Hoodoo practises. I found that the moral high roading of Wicca wasn’t aligning with myself and I wanted to explore spirituality and witchcraft in it wholeness. Toxic positivity is a thing, believe me you. My spirituality has always been about connection to the Earth, and the Earth has teeth (to quote Willow Rosenburg).

So what kind of witch does all of this make me? Why should you be reading my blog? Amazing question! I feel that since witches have come out of the broom closet, so to speak, there’s a lot of dogmatism within the community, a lot of gate keeping, and a lot of trash talk. We used to have to work so hard to find each other and now we are in each other’s daily lives. As I’ve said, I’ve been involved in witchcraft for my entire life and we have these new outlets to help guide other witches (new and old) to having a rational approach so some of these global issues we face within our community. I’m also going to be using this as a sort of Book of Shadows/Journal/Grimoire of my journey and I just feel that sharing that with you (if you choose to read it) could be beneficial.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. Feel free to follow me, ask questions, comment, do what you need to do. I’ll be here.

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