My Library, My Resources

I want to talk about where we get our information, specifically where I get my information.

I have a bookcase that is exclusively for my occult and spiritual books. There are over 40 books and well over 5 tarot and oracle decks. It’s always growing. Some books I haven’t bought because I feel like I’m “doubling up” on information, and others are really aimed at people starting their journey and that is not me! I try to seek out books on varying topics, areas I am not educated on, and books that can supplement and broaden areas that I’m very interested in. I think there are a few books in there which you cannot purchase anymore, and thus you may not be able to get your hands on no matter how much I bang on about how great it is. I also used to religiously get WitchCraft magazine and that really bolstered my knowledge through my teen years.

I will provide a complete list of the books I own, but I would like to start with the books I recommend for new or “baby” witches. While these books are Wicca focuses, they can still provide a mountain of information that you can use, even if you choose not to follow the Wiccan path. I purchase many of my books from Booktopia, they have an amazing range and are very affordable.

Recommended Reading
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

I’ve provided links for those 3 books, I feel that they are substantial enough to get anyone started and to provide seemingly endless information!

Below are some more fun books that I own, I will endeavour to lump them together by topic and I won’t provide links because I’m sure you can use the Google. Some books I’ve had since childhood and thus are out of print or hard to get, but I’m sure you can conjure them into your life!

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
Life’s A Witch! by Fiona Horne
A History of Witchcraft by Jeffery B Russell
Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Kynes
Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials (all 8 books)
Various Annual Editions of Witches Companions and Spell-A-Day Almanacs.

Kitchen & Green Witchcraft:
The Real Witches Kitchen by Kate West
Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott Cunningham
Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ana Moura
The House Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington
Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst

Divining the Future by Eva Shaw
The Practical Astrologer by David Christie-Murray
Astrology and You by Julia and Derek Parker
Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology by Krid Brandt Riske, M.A.
The Book of Runes by Francis Melville
The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett
Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

Mythos by Stephen Fry
Heroes by Stephen Fry
Celtic Mythology by Phillip Freeman
Deities and Demons of the Far East by Brian P Katz

Spirit Work
How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews
The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner
Australian Druidry by Julie Brett

Spell Books
The Book of Herb Spells by Cheralyn Darcey
The Enchanted Candle by Lady Rhea and Eve LeFey
Hex Your Ex by Adams Media
Conjure, A Book of Spells by Peter Dube
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells by Michael Johnstone

Conjure, Hoodoo and Voudou
The Magic of Marie Laveau by Denise Alvarado
Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones by Stephanie Rose Bird
Old Style Conjure by Starr Casas

As you can see, I read over a broad range of topics and very little of that involve crystals! Sorry, I’m not big on “new age” type spirituality, but I do make room for a lot of Encyclopedias, I have 8 books which could be categorised as Encyclopedias. I think having those solid reference books in your library, investing in that foundation knowledge is essential. I also have very few spell books, because I write a lot of my own spells depending of what I want as the outcomes.

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