My First Week of Ancestor Veneration

Last Sunday I took the time to set up my Ancestor Altar with the intent of deepening my connection to my ancestors, my family past and present, and deepening my spirituality.

The first three days were turbulent. I don’t think there is another way to describe it. Sometimes I felt hot and flushed, I was quick to anger, I felt emotional. I could only put this down to the presence of ancestor spirits. By Wednesday I could feel the presence of my maternal grandfather, Bill. He has me waking up bright and early, and I could feel him beside me as I fed out the horses in the morning. I realised that he had come down the moment he felt invited.

I also in this time placed a bowl of Himalayan salt rocks in a bowl near the door to my home salon and that day I had two clients cancel. I also bought an Evil Eye and put that up in my house, only to have another client cancel the next day. I felt like my spirituality was detrimental to my business. I gave myself a ten minute pity party and then I advertised the spaces in my schedule. Well low and behold, one of the spaces filled within and hour and it looks like the other space may be filled. But the point is that I felt really unsure and wanted to throw it all out. The thing that I appreciated after a day or two was that my clients had cancelled in advance and not simply not turned up to their appointments. My ancestors soothed me in this moment of crisis, though the crisis was small.

Divination should be used to contact your ancestors to ensure they are willing to help and guide you. Reference:

Over the week I noticed my children getting along better, for the most part. They both also have started to contribute to the altar and pay respects, thanking out ancestors for helping us and offering them blessings and smooth sailing on their journey in the afterlife. I have even caught my husband taking a moment at the altar to appreciate it now and then.

Onto my husband, well he has been more willing to do jobs on our small farm that he would be usually inclined to put off (like fencing), and he has been more peaceful. We have both become more affectionate with each other in small ways. An example is that he will pop his head into the bathroom while I am getting ready to shower and give me a peck on the lips. Nothing over the top, but small gestures which waned from our relationship after the birth of our daughter. This morning we both woke up within moments of each other and were actually able to cuddle and talk without the children invading our space and time! What luxury!

Overall our household feels like a happier one. A more peaceful and harmonious one. I have ancestor money, a rosary (for my fathers Irish Catholic side) and a KJV Bible on the way to add to the altar. I will try to do a one month update on the altar and how it has impacted our lives.

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