Shadow Work

Shadow work is less magic and more self care. It is a type of self therapy that centres around journaling and using prompts and self assessment to uncover repressed feelings, emotions and experiences.

The shadow self is comprised of all the parts of our personality that we are unaware of. Some of it is shaped by trauma, complex trauma, how we were raised by our parents, what we felt was accepted socially, if we were bullied, societal expectations and all of that. In fact, over projection of positive attributes are strong indicators that there is a serious need for shadow work. Everyone should engage in shadow work, there’s no doubt there.

Indicators that shadow work is required;

  • You are easily offended.
  • You feel threatened when your world view is challenged.
  • Anxiety and stress are easily triggered.
  • You’re quick to anger.
  • You hold a grudge.
  • You avoid situations which will cause stress, anxiety, pressure or conflict.
  • You blame others.
  • You don’t question if your behaviour is toxic.

Shadow work helps us come to terms with our negative reactions and emotions, find the root cause and heal ourselves. Self improvement never ends, but it can help us find peace and connect more spiritually.

Divination can be used to enhance shadow work, but is not a requirement. This is mostly about journaling and exploring those feelings. I like to use a small exercise book. There is also no set amount of shadow work you need to do in a set amount of time. Sometimes you will move through prompts daily, other times you will spend a lot of time exploring a prompt deeply. You also don’t need to do prompts in any particular order, move through them as you feel you are ready to tackle them.

I thoroughly encourage all of my readers to embrace shadow work, the healing does take time and work but it does come. You will feel better about yourself, recognise self-destructive behaviours, and gain more peace in your life moving forward.

Please find links to prompts and free workbooks below;

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