Spell Work 101

Reference: https://theconversation.com/this-halloween-witches-are-casting-spells-to-defeat-trump-and-witchthevote-in-the-u-s-election-148213

Spells, magic, conjure, rootwork, mojo, manifestation, what ever you want to call it, it’s all pretty similar in nature.

So what do you need to know about making magic? Intent + ritual = manifestation. Simples! Well there are a few things I’m going to go over here which may feel like a bit of a buzz kill, but are super important to your workings.


Intent is everything, yes. So put your phone down. Work quietly. Be focused and in the moment. Don’t “whip up” a working and expect it to … work. Put your phone away, don’t take photos, don’t worry about the aesthetic. Worry about the work.

The reality that intent and focus are hard to maintain, that’s why doing work (especially work over lots of sessions) is so challenging.

Some types of magic don’t work

This one is a hard truth. There are some things you can’t manipulate because You’ve already got the chance to do it and you’re not. There are no real spells for weight loss, for savings, to get good grades. Those are things you have the power to do yourself. What you can do is a spell to help curb your cravings, you can ritualise the act of saving, you can ask for a blessing to help you stay focused and remember what you’ve been cramming. But you still have to do the work yourself.

Don’t undo your work

One of my teachers has an amazing saying, “doubt is the death of conjure”. She is not wrong. But your behaviour is also the death of your work. When we talk about focusing your intent, you can’t do a cord cutting and then keep checking your ex’s facebook or texting them. You are literally undoing the work you have done. Stop being your own worst enemy. This feels intuitive, but we see a lot of self sabotage in our lives if we look at it objectively.

Don’t look for substitutes

Ok, so with a few exceptions, like specific candle magic spells, you can substitute any colour candle with a white one. If you don’t have graveyard dirt you can use arrow root powder. But spells are written in a certain way, by certain practitioners, to get the best outcome. If the spell asks for Orris Root, get it. If you need 9 bulbs of garlic, do it. If you don’t have the stuff on hand, plan, get what you need then do the ritual. Don’t be sloppy. If something has become impossible to get, then look for a different spell.

Weigh up the consequences

Nope, not talking about the rule of three. Let’s say you want to hex someone and you want their house to burn down. Turns out that they had two insurance policies taken out and are now better off for it. How would that make you feel? What about if you banish your ex, but he takes the kids with him? This is all a simple case of action and consequence. You are free to choose, but never free from the consequences of choice.

Writing your own work is best

Truth! Writing your own spell is best. And it’s a great way to measure how much you have learned. Money spell? Green candle, Basil oil, dress the candle upwards and burn to the stub over the waxing moon. Perfection. I just wrote that spell off the top of my head! Spell work doesn’t need to be complex, but bringing together a few different elements and focusing your intent is so powerful. If you know what every ingredient is for in the spell, the power is stronger because you know how it’s focusing your intent.

Be specific!

Let’s say you ask for money and then find $10 on the ground. It’s not what you were wanting, so you feel the spell didn’t work. But it did! Ask for what you want! If it’s $5000 ask for it and DON’T FEEL BAD! Personal gain is not a thing, and if you want to give back and show gratitude, do it in the form of charity work and such.

I hope this has been helpful for you and gives you a bit more insight into spells and how they work!

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