Taglocks 101

Taglocks are a spell ingredient which gives the energy of a spell a target, basically. It can be anything that ties the person to a spell definitively. In certain workings, taglocks are important because you don’t want a spell to land on the wrong person or not be effective. They are used in all kinds of magic, not just hexes and crosses.

You can add a taglock to any spell, even if it isn’t called for specifically. This can be important in money work where you want that money to land in YOUR pocket, not someone who is around you.

Now what can be used as a taglock? Here’s a list!

DNABlood, hair, nail clippings, urine, faeces (not recommended personally), seminal/vaginal fluids,
Person(as above), jewellery, photo, name, alias, personal item (something they cherished and had around them a lot), SS of Tinder profile… grave dirt, clothing.
Locationdirt from location, photo, address, items from location
Thingphoto, name of thing/object

It’s important that when you are trying to manifest something, that you don’t just ask for “a car”, you ask for the exact car you want. The universe may give you any old car, which isn’t what you wanted or isn’t useful to you.

And as a side, please don’t worry about “personal gain” or being greedy. For starters, everything is for personal gain, even asking for enough money to pay for your overdue bills, so why not ask for enough to pay your bills for the next three months or year ahead? Say it with me now ALL MAGIC IS PERSONAL GAIN. Most people aren’t out there putting energy into spellwork for the good of humanity, or for others. Some do on occasion. The next point is about greed. Do you think you are being greedy? Why? Why would you think you are being greedy when there are millionaires and billionaires out there driving luxury cars and owning yachts without paying their taxes. Now that’s greedy and excessive, cut yourself some slack, you deserve that nice house/new car/extra income.

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