Baneful Ingredients

Here I am going to outline some baneful ingredients and what they are used for, I will also mention if they are poisonous or toxic.

Please note that there are some items which if you use them incorrectly or in specific ways you will cause harm to yourself or others and this can mean potential criminal charges and jail time. Not all witchcraft and conjure is benign.

Cayenne PepperIRRITANTTo speed up work, to heat up, not to be used in banishing or binding works.
Black Pepper Can be used in cursing, commanding, great for gossip and envy work.
Black Mustard Seeds Confusion. Causes misunderstanding and miscommunication.
Poppy Seeds Confusion. War magic
WolfsbanePOISONShapeshifting and animal introspection.
FoxglovePOISONFae magic, underworld/otherworld.
HemlockPOISONUsed to destroy sex drive, break up couples.
BelladonnaPOISONOpens gateways, war magic, protection and death.
YewPOISONTransformation and death work, banishing, necromancy.
HelleborePOISONBanishing and necromancy.
Vinegar Replacement for urine, sour jars.
SulphurTOXIC if burned.Used in hexes and curses, goofer dust and hotfoot powder.
Ammonia Replacement for urine.
Saltpetre/NitreHighly Combustible.Cursing and crossing. Makes work “explosive”

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