Working with Eclipses

This Saturday we will experience a partial eclipse during the second new moon of the month (the Black Moon). Eclipses always send a flutter amongst the witchcraft community as to whether workings should be done during Eclipses or not, with many insisting that you shouldn’t work during an Eclipse at all.

It really boils down to a fear of the intense chaotic energy that is abundant during an Eclipse. So let’s dive into that a bit more!

  • You can’t fear strong energy. This is in regards to working with any magic or spirits, not just during an eclipse. Being afraid of strong energy stops you from becoming strong yourself and pushes you into complacency.
  • Check what the planets and stars are doing at the time of the eclipse. Astrology can be strong indicators of what energy is prominent at the time, and what is going to work well for you. This eclipse is in Taurus, which is my Sun Sign, so I feel pretty confident drawing on that Taurus Season energy, it is also Samhain so Divination will be an excellent idea. This energy is hardworking and purposeful, and also inclined to money, pleasure and your sense of worth.
  • The new moon is great for Shadow Work. If you are fearful of working during the eclipse, you should investigate why. The online chatter about eclipses is largely a bunch of hooey. Why are you taking advice from witches who can’t confidently light a tealight candle without the input of the rest of the community?
  • Be pragmatic and use your common sense. You can always ask your ancestors to guide you in the right direction here, but if you have doubts about your work, just put it off until you feel more confident. That’s regardless of the eclipse.

My personal advice to newer practitioners is that this is a time to do work that you’ve done before or know and are comfortable with. More experienced practitioners can push their limits a bit more of course! And as always, if you personally don’t feel comfortable working during an eclipse, that doesn’t mean that you should tell others not to work during an eclipse. Another practitioner may be more comfortable working with that energy.

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