My First Week of Ancestor Veneration

Last Sunday I took the time to set up my Ancestor Altar with the intent of deepening my connection to my ancestors, my family past and present, and deepening my spirituality. The first three days were turbulent. I don’t think there is another way to describe it. Sometimes I felt hot and flushed, I wasContinue reading “My First Week of Ancestor Veneration”

The Ancestors

We often talk about The Ancestors as some ominous entity. But they aren’t. Also, anyone who says that ancestral work is a “closed practice” is fundamentally incorrect. Why you ask? Because we ALL have ancestors! Almost every religion or culture believes that our ancestors are watching over us and guiding us. We seek mediums andContinue reading “The Ancestors”

Finding Marie

I talked about my movement away from the Wiccan path in “Bide The Wiccan Rede I Must?” but I didn’t discuss how I came to knock on the door of Hoodoo. I knew about Hoodoo from pop culture and hearing about it around the traps of Witchcraft groups, but it was all very hush-hush. PeopleContinue reading “Finding Marie”