Tarot – A personal reflection

This entry will be a little different from my others, still educational, but less talking about the practice of tarot and more discussing the tarot community and some of the trends that I’ve seen come up which are unhealthy, as well as a few pet peeves. I like Tarot Tube, I like tarot facebook groups,Continue reading “Tarot – A personal reflection”

Divination – But What Does It Mean?!?!

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge either of the future, or of events using supernatural means. Divination is also excellent for shadow work, and communicating with your ancestors and spirit guides. A note on cleansing: Before divination, it is important to cleanse and ground. Depending on the type of divination and depth of theContinue reading “Divination – But What Does It Mean?!?!”

The 10 Rules of Being a (Modern) Witch

Not every Witch is WiccanRule of Three, An it Harm None, Karma and “love and light” preaching is a no-no. In fact, it’s like to get you booted or muted from a lot of great groups. This moral high-grounding has no place in our society. If that’s what you believe, awesome, but don’t inflict yourContinue reading “The 10 Rules of Being a (Modern) Witch”

My Library, My Resources

I want to talk about where we get our information, specifically where I get my information. I have a bookcase that is exclusively for my occult and spiritual books. There are over 40 books and well over 5 tarot and oracle decks. It’s always growing. Some books I haven’t bought because I feel like I’mContinue reading “My Library, My Resources”

An Introduction to Me

I started my witchcraft journey as a kid. I can’t quite remember how old I was to be honest. It must have been circa 1996, because that’s the publishing date for a book my best friend, Brittney, and I bought in a small occult store in Melbourne titled “How To Turn Your Ex Boyfriend IntoContinue reading “An Introduction to Me”